Sunday Book Review: Sand Dollar: A Story of Undying Love by Sebastian Cole

by Sebastian Cole

A couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d go ahead and buy this book, but actually read it when school is out for the summer (next week).  Earlier this week I had a day of doctor’s appointments, so I took my trusty Nook to play a few games while waiting my turn to be stuck, poked, and prodded.   I sat down to play Aces Jewel Hunt, but the gorgeous cover of Sand Dollar: A Story of Undying Love by Sebastian Cole popped up along with a few others.  What the heck, I figured I could start it, because it would probably be something I had to force myself to finish.  WAS I EVER WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This story caught and kept my attention from the first chapter to the last.  I read a good bit at the hospital between visits and procedures.  When I got home, I went straight to my favorite red reading chair and was there until I had to get up to prepare the evening meal for my family.  I couldn’t get the last dish loaded in the washer fast enough, so I could get back to this story.

Sebastian Cole says on his website that his story is a cross between The Notebook and The Sixth Sense, and that is a perfect description.  Cole writes with a strong voice and does a beautiful job of taking the reader from current day, back in time as the hero of the story, Noah,  now eighty years old,  shares his love story with an orderly in his hospital room.  Part of the title is “undying love”, and Noah and Robin share such a love.  If you are going into this story thinking it will be another cookie cutter story of undying love, you will not get that with this one.  Cole twists and turns this plot (which is why I couldn’t put it down) to where you can’t assume anything about the ending.  You HAVE to read it.  This couple has issues that must be dealt with( and not little problems either), but they do deal with them.   The element of suspense was a strong point of the story, and well woven throughout the tale.  Another important point I’d like to make is that Cole mastered writing a story that goes back and forth from present to past.  Never once was I unclear about the path of the story.  It was very clearly written, and the momentum of the story WAS NEVER derailed due to the reader needing to stop and figure out where and when the characters were in the story.  THAT takes talent!!

Sand Dollar:  A Story of Undying Love is Sebastian Cole’s debut novel, but I think he will have a long list of best sellers if he keeps going at this rate.  I recommend that you take the time to read this story.  It will renew your faith in finding and keeping that one true love.

Sand Dollar:  A Story of Undying Love is available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  You may want to visit Cole’s website at   to find out more about this up and coming author.  Here is an excerpt from Cole’s new book:

“It’s a sand dollar. I’m sure you’ve seen one, probably even held one in your hand, huh, Josh?”

Noah kicked his fins and dove down about ten feet, picking up the sand dollar and resurfacing to get air through his snorkel. From beneath the water’s surface, he proudly displayed his newfound prize to Robin.

“No two are exactly the same. Its simplistic design and imperfect form may appear somewhat… well, ordinary. Most people probably wouldn’t think twice about it. So why should this seemingly insignificant object capture so much of my attention?”

BOOM ! The precious sand dollar in Noah’s hand exploded. In what seemed like slow motion, the sand dollar disintegrated through his fingers into a thousand tiny grains of sand that evanesced into obscurity.

“Because for me, the sand dollar represents life, and how fragile life really is. What was once so very precious to me, suddenly and without warning, disintegrated and vanished before my eyes. Just like the sand dollar, life holds no promises. Seemingly solid and secure in our grasp, the blessings we have in our lives today are easily shattered tomorrow. The lesson learned: never take your loved ones for granted. And if you’re ever lucky enough to find that one person in life who makes you love more than any other person could possibly make you love, you treat every day together as if it were your last. You cherish every moment.”

“However, for me, this lesson came too late, for she was already gone, seemingly lost forever. And there was nothing I could do to put the pieces back together. I would spend my life wishing I could somehow travel back, back in time, to the day I first laid eyes on that precious beauty.”

The precious beauty of Robin’s young face was shadowed by sadness as she nervously searched Noah’s worried eyes for reassurance.

“If only I’d known how fragile she really was. If only I’d known her hidden secret. I would have held onto her so differently… never letting go…”


8 thoughts on “Sunday Book Review: Sand Dollar: A Story of Undying Love by Sebastian Cole

    • *You* did the work. I only responded to it. Don’t quit writing. Even if you get stuck on a scene for literally months( like me), and can’t seem to move forward, keep writing. You are good. You are a new author that *SHOULD * be encouraged to continue the dream!:) I’ll be ready for the next one when you are! Kate

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  2. I am intrigued by this book title. I have never heard of it and now I’m anxiously awaiting the chance to get back home to my Nook so I can buy it! Thanks for introducing me to a new author.

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